Thursday, March 23, 2006

Letter from Germany to Hattie

I received some old letters from Harriet, my cousin some
years ago, letters our grandma Hattie received from her
sister in Germany (In German, except for one)

Schneideville (sp in question) Jan 13, 1920

[Note: I, Winnie, her great grand daughter was born Jan
6th 1919, grandma Hedwig Domann Mathwig Ohlegachlager,
was also born in Jan.]

Dear Hedwig
We received your card Jan 8th and I don't want to let you wait
long for an answer. I am sorry to have to tell you the sad news,
that our dear mother is no longer alive. She died on the 20th
of May last year. She had to endure so much pain, these last two
years, she spent in bed. It was difficult for mother as well as
for me, even tho I would still be happy to take care of her. I
don't complain about her death and am happy she has the rest she
so wished for. She waited so long for news from you, but it was
seldom that a letter from The Dalles came. All though she was
never in need, she always was happy when a letter came, especially
with a doller or tw was in it , because she by a little something
for someone or a birthday gift.
You must know that mother was ill for 20 years and that all her
savings went long ago, for doctors and other costs. It gave her
great happyness when someone thought of her.

(( There is more to this letter ... "all in poor heatlh, because
of the war" ... WW I, do you suppose, which Germany more or
less caused as I recall, or was it France ?

A great granddaughter, thankful grandma Hedwig came to America.

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