Friday, June 30, 2006

Photo-Philip J & Elizabeth Gould Ohlegschlager

Philip Jacob Ohlegschlager (1820 - 1908)

Elizabeth Gould Ohlegschlager (1833 - 1909)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

John F. Ohlegschlager-WW1 Draft Registration

This is the youngest child of Jacob and Elizabeth. John and Adam are listed with their parents on the 1895 Oregon state census at Portland, John is recorded as over 10 and under 18.

Roy Ohlegschlager-WW1 Draft Registration

Roy Ohlegschlager was the son of Phillip Ohlegschlager and Hattie Doman. This document dated June 5 1917 states his mother is dependent on him but he does not claim an exemption, interesting because his father didn’t die until 1931. Perhaps it was about this time that Phillip was badly injured in a mill accident.

This registration gives Roy’s birth as 13 Jan 1895 at San Francisco which gives us a time frame for when Phillip and Hattie were in the Bay area.

Walter Mathwig Ohlegschlager-WW1 Draft Registration

Walter Edward Ohlegschlager was the son of Emil Theodore Mathwig and Hatwig Doman. Emil and Hatwig divorced when Walter was very young. Hatwig married second Phillip Ohlegschlager. Phillip raised Walter.

1895 Oregon Census-Multnomah Co-Jacob & Eliz

1895 Oregon Census-Multnomah Co-Jacob Ohlegschlager

This census is in alpha order so we can’t identify the neighbors.

The spelling is Ohlegschlager.

Jacob is a legal voter, a male of 50 years and upward, and foreign born. I believe that a man must be a citizen to be a legal voter. Further searching in Multnomah Co might uncover citizenship application and documents.

Elizabeth is a female of 18 years and upward and foreign born and being female would not be a legal voter at that time period.

Adam is a legal voter, a male under 45 and over 21, and of foreign birth.

Also listed is John, a male under 18 and over 12, born US of A. I believe that this John is a grandson of Jacob and Elizabeth. There is some evidence the Jacob and Elizabeth’s oldest son John had a son by the name of John.