Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hattie Ohlegschlager - Marshal, Royal Neighbors Lodge

FROM: The Dalles Chronicle
Looking Back: A Glimpse Through The Chronicle's Files December 5, 2004

80 Years Ago, December 5, 1924

Officers of the Royal Neighbors lodge for the year 1925 have been elected as follows: Oracle, Mrs. W. Walden; V.O., Mrs. L. Underwood; recorder, Mrs. F. Oakman; treasurer, Mrs. G. Johnson; marshal, Mrs. H. Ohlegschlager; chancellor, Mrs. LeForge; P.O., Mrs. H. Watson; I.S., Mrs. C. Wilds; G.S., Mrs. W. Nichols; managers, Mrs. Webb; Mrs. Charles Swinford; Mrs. C.M. Zell; musician, Miss Grace Torington.

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michelle said...

I have found in my Great Aunt's belongings a 1930 calendar that says "Compliments of Mr and Mrs C.M. Zell The Dalles Oregon" I did a google search for CM Zell in The Dalles and i found this. I wonder if it's the same CM Zell you reference. You can email me at