Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Ohlegschlager Family

Phillip Jacob OHLEGSCHLAGER and his wife, Elizabeth GOULD are buried in the Catholic cemetery at The Dalles, Oregon.

I know very little about them ..... when did they arrive, how did they come ? by wagon train ? did they come up the river from Portland by boat ? When and did they come to San Francisco, by wagon or by ship ?.... some of their family lived near San Francisco ... as Grandma Hatwig said they were visiting in Oakland, Or when the S.F. earthquake hit, that they spent some days in Golden Gate Park. Dad said Grandpa Phillip and grandma moved to The Dalles by boat in 1900, the year uncle Edwin was born.

Clifford HENDERSON, Aunt Edna's son and my 1st. cousin, discovered the OHLEGSCHLAGER's came from NE Dutch county (the 1880 census says Baveria, Germany, and the Tombstone says Germany). When Grandma Hattie (Dhomann (sp))(b. in Berlin)was a girl going to school her family lived so close to the border of Holland .... she never knew just what her school day would be, Dutch or German ... as the border fluctuated back and forth.

As far as I know, there are no living male heirs to carry on the OHLEGSCHLAGER surname. I recall dad mentioning, several times ... that when his step brothers, Edwin, Phillip, and Sam died, that that would be the end of it. Uncle Edwin, born in 1900, was the last of the brothers to go and he died in 1995 or 96. Aunt Myrtle OHLEGSCHLAGER TURNER in 1997 was the sole remaining child of Grandma Hatties. And now in 2005 she to is gone.

The OHLEGSCHLAGERs are not a blood line to me, however, Philip Adam OHLEGSCHLAGER was the only grandfather I knew from my father's family. To me the OHLEGSCHLAGERS were my aunts, uncles and cousins.

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