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Philip Jacob Ohlegschlager Obituaries

From: The Dalles Optimist, Thursday May 7, 1908, page 1

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Last Thursday, April 30th, at 10 o'clock in the morning at his home on Fourth street, Philip Jacob Oplegschlager passed quietly away to the realms above, leaving behind him his family and many relatives and friends.

Mr. Oplegschlager was in his prime old years and was 88 years old and has spent most of his life in this country, having spent most of his life in this country, having come here in the early days and fifteen years of that time has been a valued resident of this city and county. The intermediate relatives living here are his sons, Philip and Jacob, and daughter Mrs. Jake Wettle. The remains were buried Saturday at 10 o'clock in the morning from the Catholic church and was followed to his last resting place by a large cortage of friends.

The surviving relatives have the sympathy of the entire community.

From: The Dalles Chronicle, May 8, 1908, Died - Apr 30, 1908

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Aged Man Dies in this city -- Was a Native of Germany and Father of Eleven Children
(From Friday's Daily)

Phillip J. Ohlegschlager, who died in this city yesterday at the age of 88 years, was a native of Germany, having been born in the province of Rinephalts. He came to this county landing at New York in 1871, and after remaining there for several months came to Oregon the same year. Arriving in Oregon he lived at Portland until 1889 when he came to Wasco county and settled at The Dalles, where he remained until his death. He was 88 years old April 26.

Mr. Ohlegschlager was the father of a family of eleven children, seven of whom are living in America. The other four having died. At the time of his death he was living with his daughter, Mrs. Jake Whittle, in this city. Besides Mrs. Whittle there are five sons and one daughter -- John, of Walla Walla; Christ, of Aurora, Oregon; Phillip of The Dalles; Adam, whose whereabouts are unknown, and Mrs. Kate Swenson, of Portland. These except Adam were present at the time of death.

The funeral will take place at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning after which interment will be made in the Catholic cemetery. The services will be in charge of Father Bronsgeest of St. Peter's.

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