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Estate of Eliz. Ohlegschlager

Elizabeth Ohlegschlager died 16 October 1909. Her husband, Philip Jacob, had died the previous year. According to court documents she left no estate except a mortgage held by her son and daughter-in-law Philip and Hattie Ohlegschlager. In March of 1910 Philip and Hattie wished to sell the real estate covered by the mortgage and it was necessary to obtain a release of the mortgage. They petitioned the court to appoint Simeon Bolton as administrator of Elizabeth's estate.

The documents are #93A-15 Wasco County, Probate Court #325, Ohlegschlager, Elizabeth, 1910. -- They have been transferred to the Oregon State Archives at Salem Oregon, Box #185, Folder #15.

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C. L. Pepper, Notary Public, petitions the County Court of the State of Oregon for Wasco County in the matter of the Estate of Elizabeth Ohlegschlager, deceased. The petition gives details of the mortgage and of the balance due.

The petition also lists her heirs at the time of her death.

Shortly after the death of Elizabeth, her heirs agreed that her son Philip would pay certain bills related to Elizabeth's death and pay for a tombstone to be set up over the graves of Jacob and Elizabeth. The mortgage would then be declared satisfied and be released.

On April 1st 1910 Judge H. E. Lake orders that Simeon Bolton be appointed administrator of Elizabeth's estate and that Mr. Bolton be required to furninsh a bond of $400.00. The image on the left is the outside of the folded order.

Simeon Bolton swears an oath to faithfully perform the duties of administrator of the estate.

Simeon Bolton and M. Z. Donnell as surety post the $400 bond assuring Mr. Bolton will faithfully perform the duties of his said trust according to law.

Three receipts for expenses Philip and Hattie paid as per agreement to satisfy mortgage. One is to replace a lost receipt for funeral expenses. Another is for $10.00 to Dr. H. Logan and the third is $26.50 paid to Jacob Wettle.

An invoice from Crandall Undertaking Company totaling $67.50 for burial expenses for Elizabeth. Five dollars was credited by cash and the balance was paid March 29, 1910.

An order for a gravestone of Southern Falls Clouded Marble detailing the inscriptions and to be set up in the Catholic Cemetery. Price is $78.00 to be paid by May 30th 1910.

On April 1, 1910 Judge H. E. Lake rules that the agreed to expenses have been paid and the mortgage is to be considered paid in full. He thereby orders that Simeon Bolton, administrator, cancel and release the said mortgage from the records. The image on the left is the outside of the folded order.

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